Here for your COVID-19 Vaccine Needs!

In addition to COVID-19 testing, Winbigler Medical can also schedule on-site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics at your place of business. Hours are flexible based on client needs and we will strive to meet the needs of your employees and ensure that all information is recorded in the state’s immunization registry so proper records will be maintained. With coverage now across the state of Tennessee, businesses with multiple locations can rely on one company for their vaccination needs.

***Now offering educational sessions on the COVID-19 vaccine to educate those who may be hesitant to get vaccinated***

‚ÄčServices related to COVID-19 include:

  • COVID-19 Onsite Employee Testing (rapid and PCR)
  • COVID-19 Medical Screening
  • COVID-19 Protocols and Treatment Guidelines
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
  • COVID-19 Medical Support
  • Supervised COVID-19 Medical Direction
  • Statewide Support and Coverage

All staff nurses have access to an on-call physician for if they feel like someone needs further medical care.

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What To Expect on Vaccination Day…

  • On the day of vaccination we will come early to get everything set up and ready to go.

  • We will start vaccinating promptly at the decided time and we ask that everyone is present and ready to go or they can be sent in groups (depending on how many we will vaccinate).

  • Each person that receives the vaccine will receive a vaccine card with the brand of vaccine used, date received, lot # and expiration date.

  • They will also need to wait 15 minutes after injection to make sure there is no allergic reaction or any other response.

  • Everyone will need to have their driver’s licenses handy for identification purposes and also for us to obtain personal information for the TennIIS (Tennessee Immunization Information System) website.

We appreciate you choosing Winbigler Medical to vaccinate you, your employees and family members.